Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Could There Be Hope of Permanent Refuge for Kermit’s Community at Chimp Haven?

On Wednesday June 4, 2008 Emma and Jackson, who were brief companions to Harper and Emma at PPI, were finally secured the future they deserve at Chimps Inc., in Bend, Oregon. These 2 chimpanzees as well as 9 gibbons, now retired at IPPL (International Primate Protection League), were a part of a legal battle similar to that involving Kermit’s Community. Thankfully, PPI/FoA have agreed to a settlement allowing these innocent animals to remain, permanently, at the respected sanctuaries. Click here to read more:

At PPI Emma and Jackson were housed in the small enclosure attached to the garage of Wally Swett’s house that Harper and Emma lived in for months before learning to escape the enclosure multiple times. This enclosure stood less that 8 feet high and had a substrate of pea gravel that reached temperatures exceeding 115 degrees. The indoor housing had no light, little ventilation and was literally caked with feces. The wooden door had a single padlock. The atypical behaviors exhibited by Emma and Jackson that were observed during the court appointed receivership shocked those who had even the most basic knowledge of chimpanzee behavior.

When the receiver was given the authority to move the animals that were in need of immediate rescue, Kermit’s Community, Emma and Jackson, and 12 gibbons were relocated to facilities better equipped to provide a lifetime of care. Thankfully Chimps Inc. opened their arms to Emma and Jackson and IPPL opened their doors to the gibbons.

Supporters of Kermit’s Community are encouraged by the actions taken by PPI/FoA and hope that the same respect for life is given to Sheba, Sarah, Keeli, Ivy, Harper and Emma and the efforts to return them to PPI cease.

Caddo Parish Commissioners Pass Resolution of Support for Keithville Krewe (aka Kermit's Community)


KEITHVILLE, La. — In an unprecedented show of faith and support for Chimp Haven, the Caddo Parish Commissioners passed a resolution May 8 supporting permanent residency for the “Keithville Krewe,” a group of six chimpanzees fighting to remain at the northwest Louisiana sanctuary.

Resolution Number 17 was introduced by District 11 Commissioner Jim Smith and District 4 Commissioner Matthew Lin acting on behalf of the citizens of Caddo Parish concerned about the health and welfare of the chimpanzees who have been living at Chimp Haven since November 2006.

“We are very thankful to the parish and the citizens of Caddo Parish for the support they have shown for the chimpanzees,” said Dr. Linda Brent, President and Director of Chimp Haven. “They have believed in us since the beginning and this just solidifies the faith they have in us as an organization and as an important part of this community.”

The resolution states that “Chimp Haven accepted responsibility for the lifetime care of the ‘Keithville Krewe,’ including costs associated with their transportation from Texas to Keithville, and that “the chimpanzees have now returned to good health and are functioning well in compatible social groups and spacious facilities.”

The resolution also goes on to say that, “the citizens of Caddo Parish are proud of their association with Chimp Haven and cherish all of the chimpanzees residing there,” and “that the Commission expresses its desire that the ‘Keithville Krewe’ remain permanent residents of Chimp Haven, the National Chimpanzee Sanctuary.” The resolution states that the Commission “supports the efforts of the Chimp Haven Board, the dedication of Chimp Haven supporters, and the continued health and well-being of all the chimpanzees at Chimp Haven.”