Friday, January 25, 2008

New photos of Kermit's Community at Chimp Haven

The devastating loss of Darrell surely had a profound effect on the remaining members of Kermit’s Community and will continue to effect them for the coming months. Fortunately new photographs of Kermit’s’ Community were recently posted on Chimp Haven’s website along with the 7 new group members who were introduced to KC’s community shortly before Darrell’s death. Hopefully the new friends will provide some comfort although Darrell’s presence can never be replaced. Please visit to view the new photos of KC’s. We have provided the number and name of the member of Kermit’s Community in each photo below. We will continue to provide updates on the status and well being of the member of Kermit’s Community and remain committed to ensuring that the chimps receive the quality of care that they deserve under all circumstances.

Photos located in ‘New Arrivals and New Groups’ folder:
2.Harper w/ male 5.Harper w/male 6.Harper w/male 7.Harper & Emma in trees 8.Emma 9.Emma in tree 10.Keeli 11.Harper grooming male 12. Emma being groomed 13. Ivy being groomed 14. Ivy 15. Ivy 16. Ivy 17. Keeli 19. Sarah being groomed
20. Sarah lying down being groomed, Sheba (2nd from right) grooming 22. Harper 23. Ivy 24. Ivy inspecting Sarah 25.Sarah and Harper 26. Sarah 27. Sarah 28. Sheba under blanket 29. Sheba (back facing), Sarah (to Sheba’s right) being groomed
30. Sheba grooming male

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dismissal of Lawsuit

Recently the court case on behalf of the former OSU primates was dismissed. The lawsuit was funded by PETA and was aimed at providing immediate relief to the 9 chimpanzees and 3 monkeys shipped from OSU to Primarily Primates Inc. The plaintiffs included the 11 primates, 2 former caregivers of the OSU primates and a veterinarian. This lawsuit helped uncover the horrific hoarding conditions at Primarily Primates Inc. and the neglect of hundreds of innocent animals. Had it not been initiated there is no doubt that the suffering at PPI would have continued and dozens more innocent lives would have been lost.

Friends of Animals continues to misrepresent information and the intentions of those who continue to seek the best possible care for the same animals that were neglected while housed at Primarily Primates. For FoA to claim to have any knowledge of the lives of the former OSU primates while housed at OSU or while housed at Primarily Primates prior to receivership is misleading and irresponsible.

The evidence of the neglect at PPI is clear and cannot be disproved. The time, energy and resources of FoA and PPI should be solely focused on those lives directly under their care. Instead they are suing Chimp Haven and fighting against other sanctuaries and facilities to reclaim all of their “property”.

Ultimately what was best for Kermit’s Community was realized as former caregivers were permitted to provide the care necessary to rehabilitate the members of Kermit’s Community and help them transition to their new life at Chimp Haven.

To return the remaining members of Kermit’s Community to the facility that destroyed their family would constitute nothing short of abuse and cruelty. No amount of repair or construction at Primarily Primates could ever repair the psychological and emotional damage caused to such innocent animals when dumped at PPI.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

In Memory of Darrell

On January 4th, 2008 Kermit's Community suffered yet another devastating and shocking loss when Darrell passed away at Chimp Haven. He was 28 years old. 

After witnessing the death of his best friend Kermit, then being ripped from his family and locked away for 8 traumatic months in solitary confinement at Primarily Primates Inc., Darrell was finally reunited with Sarah, Sheba, Keeli, Ivy, Harper and Emma at Chimp Haven in November of 2006. He quickly assumed the alpha role, formerly occupied by Kermit, and then Bob, and looked after the remaining members of KC's while getting to know his new surroundings and caregivers. His death will surely affect Kermit's Community as much as it will the humans he trusted and loved. We can only hope that the remaining members of KC's will receive the extra special attention and care they will need to cope with Darrell's death. 

Darrell was a people pleaser; this side of him became over-exaggerated during months alone at PPI; perhaps thinking that if he was on his best behavior someone might let him out of his concrete box. This side effect carried over into his disposition at Chimp Haven, but his resilience and kindness never faltered. Surely 14 months at Chimp Haven was far better for him than one more day of imprisonment at PPI. 

Although the news of Darrell's death comes with great sorrow, his life was full of love and laughter. During his 23 years of life at OSU Darrell spent every night with Kermit and virtually everyday engaging in games of chase, playing with the youngsters and being groomed by the females. He loved to paint and would use gentle brush strokes to create many a masterpiece before relaxing in the sun or flipping through his favorite magazines. His impressive charging displays were not for the faint of heart (often terrifying the biggest of men!) and his ability to quickly read other's intentions was remarkable. He loved to groom his caregivers at every given chance and engage them in games of tag and his own form of patty cake. 

Darrell had extra special bonds with Sheba, Emma and of course Kermit. Sheba and Darrell bonded as toddlers at OSU and Sheba grew to love and respect Darrell tremendously. Not a day would pass without Sheba spending as much time grooming Darrell as he would allow. Even when little Emma was 3 years old she was never afraid of Darrell; she often hung from her arms, dangling her feet in his face, or would throw her body into his lap, begging for a quick tickle. In the evenings, before dinner, Darrell and Kermit would often be heard laughing uncontrollably as they pulled on each other's feet and hands in a kind of tug-o-war, excited for the upcoming feast. 

Darrell was a remarkable individual and an irreplaceable part of Kermit's Community. His life will never be forgotten and his strength should be revered by all.