Friday, January 25, 2008

New photos of Kermit's Community at Chimp Haven

The devastating loss of Darrell surely had a profound effect on the remaining members of Kermit’s Community and will continue to effect them for the coming months. Fortunately new photographs of Kermit’s’ Community were recently posted on Chimp Haven’s website along with the 7 new group members who were introduced to KC’s community shortly before Darrell’s death. Hopefully the new friends will provide some comfort although Darrell’s presence can never be replaced. Please visit to view the new photos of KC’s. We have provided the number and name of the member of Kermit’s Community in each photo below. We will continue to provide updates on the status and well being of the member of Kermit’s Community and remain committed to ensuring that the chimps receive the quality of care that they deserve under all circumstances.

Photos located in ‘New Arrivals and New Groups’ folder:
2.Harper w/ male 5.Harper w/male 6.Harper w/male 7.Harper & Emma in trees 8.Emma 9.Emma in tree 10.Keeli 11.Harper grooming male 12. Emma being groomed 13. Ivy being groomed 14. Ivy 15. Ivy 16. Ivy 17. Keeli 19. Sarah being groomed
20. Sarah lying down being groomed, Sheba (2nd from right) grooming 22. Harper 23. Ivy 24. Ivy inspecting Sarah 25.Sarah and Harper 26. Sarah 27. Sarah 28. Sheba under blanket 29. Sheba (back facing), Sarah (to Sheba’s right) being groomed
30. Sheba grooming male


Anonymous Anonymous said...

SAN ANTONIO -- A group of chimpanzees is returning to South Texas after a Bexar County court ruling.

Bexar County Judge Michael Peden granted a summary judgment ordered the return of the chimps to Primarily Primates, an animal sanctuary near Leon Springs just north of San Antonio.

"It the end of a horrid story and we're thrilled about it," said Priscilla Feral with Primarily Primates. "We are just so glad that this fight is over."

With help from a group called "Friends of Animals," the sanctuary is finishing up the final touches on the enclosures specifically designed for the primates.

"There's gonna be more amenities to this," said Stephen Tello, executive director of Primarily Primates. "We're gonna have fire hose hammocks and fire hose swings."

The new open-air dwelling features 20-foot high ceilings, climbing ladders and natural grass carpeting, according to the group.

If the work goes according to plan, the chimps could be returned to South Texas from Louisiana within 30 days.

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is really looking out for the welfare of these Chimps? Why the hell should they undergo the stress of yet another move back to a facility that was SHUT DOWN when they are completely happy, healthy, and well-adjusted to thier new home at Chimp Haven? Primarily Primates, Inc. (PPI) is an evil and brainless organization that was never equipped to properly care for these beautiful animals and didn't even have the morals to step-up and say "we can't care for these animals the way they should be." With PPI's recent "fight" to return the Chimps (like they are thier rightful property and not living, emotional beings) to the same old PPI subpar, horrid care they once had to endure not only makes me sick, but clearly demonstrates that PPI still does not have the Chimps best interest at heart. Can't someone stop PPI before all of the OSU Chimps end-up like poor Darrell?

8:56 AM  
Blogger Yvonne said...

Can you post something more constructive and Educated for the Community in general?

10:38 AM  
Blogger Yvonne said...

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PO. Box. 575 , Monahans , Tx. 79756

Our Proposal;

Hi, we invite the Community in general to participate in August 29 and 30 ,2009 Unity Day and Health Fair Program and it will be free. If any person or Organization will like to participate at this Event, feel free to contact us
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10:47 AM  

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