Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Chimpanzees are not "high" or "low" value Commodities!

Expert testimony, legal affidavits, video and photographic documentation, and on site accounts by dozens of people have indicated that there are serious problems at PPI, problems that will be expensive to correct. Friends of Animals apparently has already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal expenses and will hopefully be spending much more so that PPI can be brought up to contemporary sanctuary standards.

But apparently they are focused on reclaiming what they have called “high-value animals.” Even if that reclamation leads to chimpanzee pain and in the case of Sarah and Sheba, possible death.

Bringing the former OSU chimpanzees back to the place where they experienced so much trauma will cause them severe distress and unnecessary suffering.

In a letter to the Judge, Dr. Jane Goodall stated:
“I understand that the Attorney General has even promised to use his best efforts to return the seven surviving former Ohio State University (“OSU”) chimpanzees to Primarily Primates. I believe that the safety and welfare of these animals would be jeopardized by disrupting their rehabilitation at Chimp Haven which, as I understand, has been going extremely well.

To remove these sentient beings from what is reported to be a sensitive and caring facility to another facility where the conditions, I understand, are not as good would, in my opinion, subject them to unacceptable levels of psychological stress.”

She goes on to say “Any transport at all is a highly stressful experience for chimpanzees, even one which moves them to a peaceful and pleasant environment. For the OSU animals to have to suffer yet another move again may very well subject them to yet more trauma, which is a senseless outcome. The well-being of these courageous survivors must now be taken into consideration.”

In addition, the move will take space and resources away from the animals that are already at PPI and those animals need everything they can get. And it will be even more expensive for PPI. Darrell, Sarah, Sheba, Emma, Harper, Ivy and Keeli are safe and comfortable at Chimp Haven. There is absolutely no possibility they will be sent to research as they are not covered under the CHIMP Act. Moving them back to PPI doesn’t make economic sense and it doesn’t make ethical sense.

After everything the "Magnificent 7" have been through it is heartbreaking to think that they may once again be betrayed and used as pawns, rather than respected as sentient, intelligent independently valuable beings.


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