Friday, February 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Bobby!!

Today Bobby would have been 20 years old.

He should have been enjoying his 20th birthday lounging in the grass in the Louisiana sun, tumbling around with Harper and Emma, chasing Keeli, and keeping an eye on Darrell. Unfortunately, Bobby wasn't given the care and consideration that he deserved during his last 6 weeks of life at PPI. He was neglected, he suffered, and then Bob died while Wally Swett was in charge. Bobby had the biggest heart and was the gentlest soul. His life was full of laughter and kisses and he touched the hearts of so many. Although Bobby is missed tremendously his death will not be forgotten and will not be in vain.

On this, his birthday, let's celebrate Bobby, our good memories of him, and remember that there are other chimpanzees in the U.S. who might not see their next birthdays due to inappropriate housing and low standards of care. We must continue to speak for our chimpanzee friends and work together to provide them all with the best captive care possible. It is what they all deserve.

We love and miss you Bob-a-roo!


Anonymous Debbie and Sarah Cameron said...

Bobby and Kermit did not die in vain. They exposed the horrors of PPI to the country. The attention brought about by their deaths saved the lives of the other OSU chimps, as well as many other animals living in hell at PPI. Thank you Bobby and Kermit for your sacrifice. You will always be remembered.

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