Friday, November 17, 2006

RESCUED! The chimps are safe at Chimp Haven!

After over 8 terrifying months, during which time Darrell was kept in solitary confinement, Sheba and Sarah nearly starved, and all of the chimps were cruelly neglected, the ordeal at PPI has finally ended for the former OSU chimpanzees.

Mid-day yesterday, November 16, an expert team from Chimp Haven began loading the chimps onto a transport truck. Darrell was the first to be moved from his dark cell. He seemed to know something good was happening. Sarah was next, then Sheba, Keeli, Ivy, Harper and Emma. Their initial reunion on the truck was full of excitement.

(This is Harper waiting to leave PPI)

They were escorted off the property and out of San Antonio by the sheriff and arrived at their new home late last night.

Chimp Haven is the very best place for Kermit's Community. OSU should have sent them there originally, and if they had, Kermit and Bobby would still be alive. Thankfully, Linda Brent and her board of directors came through for the chimps. We must now support their permanent, life-long care at this marvelous, genuine sanctuary and help raise funds to rescue more of the chimps from PPI. A special "Emergency Rescue Fund" has been established at Chimp Haven -- click here:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's great, but what about Rain and Ulysses? I'm asume Jane never came back when she escaped the day they transfered her from OSU...

-Ben Bayliss

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Sarah Cameron said...

I'm thrilled that the OSU chimps have been relocated to such a wonderful sanctuary! What is to happen to remaining chimps and Oliver?

2:08 PM  
Blogger Kermit's Community Blog said...

Rain and Ulysses are doing much better now that PPI is in better hands. They are getting fresh produce and enrichment, and while their enclosure needs improvement, they are finally being cared for properly.

Chimp Haven is a sanctuary for chimpanzees, so the monkeys couldn't go there. Chimp Haven is trying to raise funds for Oliver and the other chimps too.

Click on the links...

2:31 PM  

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