Friday, November 17, 2006

A genuine haven...

Sarah and Sheba were the first to enter their new HUGE indoor/outdoor enclosure. When Harper and Emma timidly entered next, Sheba was especially overjoyed. Together Sheba and Harper motioned to the care staff to let Darrell in and when Darrell emerged he began "laughing." He quickly surveyed the surroundings and he and Harper hugged and hugged. Then as Darrell ran around the enclosure, Harper followed him, grooming every chance he got. Meanwhile, Emma and Sarah climbed to the very top of the very high enclosure. Keeli and Ivy are right next door, and Ivy is poking sticks at Harper and Emma, being the little trouble maker that she is. As you can see here, early worries that Sheba might be so traumatized from her experience at PPI that she wouldn't be able to recover have been put to rest -- her reunion with Stephany and Klaree last month brought her back to health and prepared her for a wonderful reunion with her chimp family today in this remarkable Chimp Haven.


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